Assign Paid Licenses

To use purchased licenses, you must manually assign them to individual users or groups. A license must be assigned to each user who should be able to use Innofalls Charts in Power BI Service.

Licenses can be reassigned manually anytime. So in case a user doesn't need a license anymore and you want to assign this license to another user, you can do so.

To assign the licenses to the users, you must call up the Microsoft administration portal and open the licenses area.

  1. In the licenses section you can see your purchased licenses for Innofalls Charts.

  2. Select your licenses for Innofalls Charts

You will receive an overview of how many licenses have already been assigned.

  1. Select Assign licenses to assign licenses to users.

  1. In the search field, you can either search for users to assign licenses individually or you can search for groups to assign licenses to entire groups in batches - provided you have enough licenses.

  2. Click on Assign to assign these licenses. Please wait a few minutes for the assignment to take effect.

Further FAQ can be found on the Microsoft Learn pages:

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