Dynamic Deviation Charts

The Drill Down History allows you to dynamically add deviation charts. When you hover over an element in the history, a little icon appears:

With it, you can toggle a dynamic deviation chart for the respective category (member). When the deviation is activated for that member, an icon will be shown on the top right of the category:

If you wish to change the chart type of the added deviation chart, you can do so in the menu. To remove the deviation chart, you can either click the toggle button again, or remove it in the deviations menu.


Not all navigation steps can display valid deviation charts for some members. For example, when you view the months of Q4 and you selected Q3 as a deviation member, no deviation can be shown. Q3 simply does not contain months comparable to Q4.

Also with delta waterfall charts, there are cases where there is no valid comparative data.

Please keep this in mind. At the time being, no hints are displayed in such cases. We will add this in a future release.


At the moment, unlike with delta charts created from measures in the delta fields, you can not create delta waterfall charts from dynamical selections.

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