Data Fields

An overview over all data fields available

The Innofalls visuals offers several data fields, most of which are optional. Depending on your requirements, you need to fill different fields. The following list gives you a quick abstract for each data field. See our quick examples list, for sample configurations.

Levels Required. Dimensions. One or more.

Put here the dimensions you want build up the waterfall with. These are the dimensions for which you can do a drill down. Each additional dimension becomes the breakdown of the dimension above.

Stack / Columns Optional. Dimension. Up to one.

If you fill this field, the visual uses the dimension to build a stacked waterfall or stacked bar chart (in stack mode) or creates multiple columns (in column mode) for each member of the dimension.

You can switch between columns or stack anytime in the chart type menu.

Values Required. Measures. One or more.

Here you fill in the values of your chart. If you add multiple measures, the chart stacks the values of each category.

Values From Optional. Measures. None or more.

If you add values in here, the waterfall calculates the deltas between measures. The delta is calculated between the sum of “Values From” and the sum of “Values”.

Stacked Bar Charts show a second column, if this field is filled.

Note: The waterfall chart can’t be set to “Running Totals” if you fill this field.

Delta 1


Delta 3

Optional. Measures. Exactly two.

All delta fields behave the same.

If filled with two measures this adds a deviation companion chart to your base chart. It calculates the deviation between those two measures for each category of the current base chart. By default, the deviation chart calculates the absolute deviations between the two measures. You can switch to percentage or absolute waterfall deviation in the menu.

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