Create Your First Waterfall

In order to create your first waterfall chart, you need to fill at least two fields: Levels and Values. For example, fill in Years into Levels and Profit into Values. This already shows a running totals waterfall chart.

Note that Innofalls automatically chooses temporal orientation (columns, not bars), if you fill in a temporal dimension. You can set a fixed orientation in the menu. Read more.

When you add multiple measures into Values, you will get a stacked waterfall chart.

To enable drill downs, you have to add two or more dimensions into Levels.

Now, if you click an element in the chart, you will drill down into the next level.

A second chart has appeared above the main chart. This is our drill down review. It gives us a retrospection on our previous level and offers an important ability: We can select additional elements from the previous to drill down into.

Select another element with a click while holding down the control key (CTRL). The Innofalls visual creates a delta waterfall between the two selected element.

You can select any combination of elements in the history, to make the comparisons you need.

Note that by default, the waterfall type is selected automatically. When two or more elements in the drill down history are selected, the visual chooses the delta waterfall. If you need to keep the running totals visualization, you can change the type anytime in the menu.

Now we created our first delta waterfall chart. If you wish to hide the drill down review, you can do so in the menu.

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