How to install an set up Innofalls inside Power BI

Innofalls is available over Microsoft AppSource like any other custom visual.

You can find it if you go to the list of visuals available for your report and click the button with the three little dots. Open β€œGet more visuals” to open AppSource.

Search for "Innofalls" and open the product page. By clicking the "Add" button, you add the Innofalls visual to your report.

After installation, you should see the Innofalls icon in your list of custom visuals. Click on it, to convert any selected visual into the Innofalls visual. Or click on an empty space on your report and then click the button to create a new one

If you are using Power BI Desktop, you can immediately start using it without restrictions. If you are using Power BI Service you either need to acquire a license or you can start a free 30 day trial here.

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