Adding Deviation Charts

You can add deviation charts in two ways. Which method you choose depends on whether you want to compare measures or members.

Comparing Measures

To compare two measures in a chart you have to add exactly two measures into any Delta field. If you just fill in one measure, it will be ignored. The deviation charts appear in the order of the Delta fields. Delta1, Delta2 and Delta3 accordingly.

To invert the calculation, invert the order of the measures in the delta field.

This setup will show the deviation between AC and PL as a deviation chart named ΔPL.

To remove a measure deviation chart, simply remove the measures from the Delta field.

Comparing Members

Innofalls offers a simple and intuitive way to add deviation charts between members. You need to utilize the Drill Down History for this. Make sure the Drill Down History is enabled. The binoculars symbol in the menu must have a grey background for this.

After making a drill down, you will see the drill down history chart above your main chart. If you hover over any category of it, a little blue button will appear:

When you click it, this will create a deviation chart between the currently selected element (here with a yellow background) and the deviation members selected (here Mobile Phones). This will create the deviation chart for

Δ Hifi - Mobile Phones

There is one important detail to this: If you now change the selected element - to Computers for example - the deviation will adjust to the new selection and it will show the deviation chart for

Δ Computers - Mobile Phones

You can click the blue button again to toggle a deviation off.

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