Automatic Chart Selection Feature

The Automatic Chart Selection feature in Innofalls Charts simplifies the process of choosing the right chart type by intelligently adapting based on your data and interactions. When the waterfall scheme is set to "Auto," the visual will automatically decide whether to display a running totals waterfall chart or a delta waterfall chart, depending on the number of elements selected in the drill down history.

How It Works

  • Single Element Selection: If only one element is selected in the drill down history, the visual defaults to a running totals waterfall chart. This chart type is ideal for showing cumulative totals, such as tracking the sum of revenues or expenses over time.

  • Multiple Elements Selection: When two or more elements are selected, the visual switches to a delta waterfall chart. This type of chart compares the selected elements against each other, highlighting the differences between them.

You can enforce Running Totals or Delta Waterfalls by selecting that scheme in the menu.


There are cases where the default behavior might change. For instance, if the selected elements do not share common child elements (e.g., different quarters like Q1 and Q2, which have different months), the visual will revert to a running totals waterfall chart instead of a delta waterfall chart. This ensures that the chart remains meaningful and accurately represents the data.


  • Ease of Use: Users do not need to manually select the chart type; the visual makes an intelligent choice based on the data selection.

  • Flexibility: You can explore data interactively and the visual adapts to provide the most relevant chart type, ensuring clarity and insight.

Additionally, explore the Automatic Chart Orientation feature, which ensures your charts are always oriented correctly based on the data, enhancing the visualization experience. Read more about Automatic Chart Orientation.

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