Navigation Menu

On the top right of the visual you see the navigation menu.

The navigation menu is visible all the time, unless disabled for the viewer. This can be done in the menu restrictions. For example, if you use a visual as a report page tool tip or the viewer isn't allowed to do drill downs.

When you are exporting the report as a PDF or to Power Point, the menu will be disabled automatically.

The following list explains each symbol:


Goes back to the previous navigation step. This includes drill downs and expansions.

Undo and Redo do not have a limit in steps.

This does not undo property changes.


Goes forward a navigation step. The opposite of Undo.

Level Up

Drill Mode On

When this button is active, a click onto an element initiates a drill down into the selected element.

Click this button and Drill Mode is toggled off and you enable Selection Mode.

Selection Mode On

In Selection Mode you can select elements in the visual to filter other visuals in your report by this value.

Click this button and Selection Mode is toggled off and you enable Drill Mode.

Expand All Nodes of Current Level

Open each node of the current dimension level and shows the underlying nodes. If all nodes are already opened or no nodes can be expanded, this will be shown grey.

This can be helpful to quickly inspect the composition of all nodes of the current level.

Collapse All

Close all expansions of the current level. Is the opposite of the above.

Sort and Top N Sorts all categories by a specific criteria. See Sorting for more.


The magnifying symbol toggle the zoom. The visual tries to determine the optimal zoom range for small waterfall deltas automatically. To adjust the zoom manually you can click the chevron icon next to it. This shows the zoom range, where you can select the zoom minimum and zoom maximum .

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