Drill Down History

Combine drill downs for a deeper understanding

Our drill down history, which is enabled by default, visualizes the data you drilled down from in small charts above the main chart and looks like this:

In this example the dimensions in the Levels field are Year, Quarter and Month and we made a drill down into 2022 and then Qtr 3. As you can see, only the last history level is visualized as a chart. The preceding levels are visualized as buttons. This is done to prevent them to take up too much space.

Showing / Hiding Drill Down History

The Drill Down History can be hidden/shown here:

What is the use of the drill down history?

The drill down history offers several advantages. Beneath offering you a way to keep track where you are, if enables you to combine several drill downs.

When you selected additional elements in your drill down history (hold the CTRL key to select more elements), they are combined into one chart. This gives you the ability to combine arbitrary elements in your data with just a few clicks.

The elements you select in the drill down history are applied as filters to other visuals in your report. You can disable this in the property pane with the property "Filter Other Visuals" in the section "Behavior".

You might dynamically compare business units with each other and inspect, where they performed differently.

Dynamic deviation charts

Another feature available through the drill down history is the selection of dynamic deviation charts. Read more about them in this section.

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