Stack / Columns

The Stack / Columns field can be used to either stack values of a dimension on top of each other or to split values into columns (or rows in time orientation). Whether stacks or columns are created is determined by the Stack / Column mode in the menu. The default setting is Stack Mode.


Besides adding multiple measures into the Values field, you can create a stacked waterfall or bar chart by adding a dimension into the Stack / Columns field while in Stack Mode.

Each element of the chart is then split into multiple segments. The basic bar chart creates multiple series from the stacking dimension.


Another use of this field is splitting the chart into multiple columns in Column Mode. You can select this mode in the menu:

You can also select the Stack / Columns Mode in the property pane.

You have the choice of three modes for columns, which allow for each combination of stacking and/or columns of the Stack / Column dimension and multiple measures in the Values field.

Columns by Dimension / Measure

Create a column for each combination of measures and members.

A dimension Product with 4 members and 2 measures in values creates 4 x 2 = 8 columns.

Columns by Dimensions

One column for each member of the Stack / Column dimension. Multiple measures in the Values field are being stacked.

Columns by Measures

One column for each measure. The dimension from the Stack / Column field is used for stacking.

Please note that for performance reasons the count of columns is limited to 12.

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