Data Security Overview

This article details how Innofalls for Power BI ensures data security and efficient processing. It covers the certification process, encryption methods, hosting details, access control, and support procedures. Additionally, it explains the handling of the visual in Power BI Desktop. You will understand how your data is protected and managed with Innofalls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is data temporarily stored somewhere?

No, Innofalls does not store any data by itself. All data is processed within Power BI.

How is data encrypted?

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest using industry-standard encryption protocols provided by Power BI.

Where is the application installed?

Innofalls is a cloud-based solution, hosted on Microsoft’s secure Azure cloud infrastructure. For EU customers, data is hosted within the EU region unless specified otherwise.

By whom is this data visible?

Access to data is strictly controlled. Only users with appropriate permissions within your Power BI environment can access the data. Innofalls staff do not have access to your data.

Certified Power BI Visuals and Data Safety

Certified Power BI visuals like Innofalls undergo a stringent certification process by Microsoft to meet high security and quality standards. This includes code reviews, static code analysis, data leakage checks, penetration testing, and input validation. These measures ensure the visual does not access external services or resources, maintaining data integrity within Power BI.

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Data Processing and Storage

Innofalls does not store any data by itself. All data used by the visual is processed within the Power BI environment. The visual interacts with Power BI through a Visuals API, which provides the necessary data and context. The data is only rendered on the screen within Power BI, ensuring it stays within the secure boundaries of the Power BI ecosystem.

Encryption and Data Security

Power BI handles data security in transit, using robust encryption methods to protect data as it moves between clients and servers. Power BI employs industry-standard encryption protocols, ensuring that data is encrypted both in transit and at rest within its services. Additionally, Microsoft’s cloud services comply with a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001, to ensure data protection and privacy.

Installation and Hosting

Innofalls is a cloud-based solution, hosted within Microsoft’s secure Azure cloud infrastructure. Microsoft is responsible for hosting the visual, and Innofalls is not involved in this aspect. For EU customers, data residency and compliance with local regulations are maintained, ensuring that data is hosted within the EU region unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Data Access Control

Access to data in Innofalls is strictly controlled. Only users with the appropriate permissions within Power BI can access the data. Innofalls staff do not have access to your data, as the visual operates entirely within Power BI reports without external data transmission. The visual’s access control and row-level security function identically to core Power BI visuals, ensuring consistent data permissions and security measures.

Support and Data Handling

In the event of support issues, customers have the option to manually extract support information from the visual to share with the Innofalls support team. This support information includes all the necessary details to replicate the chart in its current state, such as the associated data, configuration settings, and filter states. Importantly, any data provided through this process is safeguarded by the confidentiality provisions specified in the license agreement. This manual provision is the exclusive method by which Innofalls can access data from the visual; no other means of access exists.

Power BI Desktop Usage

When using Power BI Desktop, the Innofalls visual, even when installed locally, still operates under the same restrictions and security measures as in the Power BI service. The processing on a local machine is fully managed by Power BI. There is an option to install the visual from a local file, which is primarily intended for development, debugging, or use on offline computers. However, for typical usage of Innofalls, installing from the cloud is sufficient and recommended to ensure the latest updates and security features are applied.

For further assistance or additional questions, please contact our support team. We are committed to ensuring you have a secure and efficient experience with Innofalls.

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