Change Log

Version 1.2.4

Conditional formatting
Custom chart configuration
Multi row category labels
Improved legend colors
Highlight menu and percent deviation highlights
Font color added
Legend can now be deactivated
Option to display expanded sums as text or not
Inset of category labels adjustable
Preview level calculations choosable (relative or absolute)
Meausures can be displayed without levels

Some highlights might be lost from version 1.1.39 to 1.2.4, due to the addition of the percentage deviation option.

Version 1.1.39

Added element label formatting
Publish to web supported (License key required)
Bug fix for percent deviation in sums
Bug fix for sorting on expanded level

Version 1.1

Added sorting and top/bottom N
Automatic rest depending on visual size
Improved responsiveness
Improved layouting
New column modes (by measure, by dimension, by both)
New properties in property pane
Drill down filtering
Power BI theme is now selected by default

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