Measure Delta Waterfall Chart

Create a waterfall diagram with different measures as start and end values

Unlike regular delta waterfall charts that compare different members (such as time periods or categories) with a start and end value, measure delta waterfall charts compare different measures directly.

Here are the key steps to set up and utilize measure delta waterfall charts:

Setting Up Measure Delta Waterfall Charts

  1. Values Fields:

    • Values Field: This is the always required field where you input your end measure.

    • Values From Field: To create a measure delta waterfall, you need to additionally fill in the "Values From" field. This setup automatically constructs a measure delta waterfall chart, comparing the start measure (from the "Values From" field) with the end measure (from the "Values" field) across the members.

The chart compares the start measure with the end measure over the course of the members, similar to the regular delta waterfall chart, but with measures rather than time periods or categories as start and end.

Unlike the regular delta waterfall charts, you can stack several measures in each field ("Values From" and "Values"). The result is a comparison of the sum of all start measures against the sum of all end measures. However, stacking by a dimension like in regular delta waterfalls cannot be applied here. The focus is on the aggregate comparison of the start and end measures.

It is not possible to concatenate delta waterfalls for several selected drill down members. Each measure delta waterfall ends with a different measure than the next one would start with, making a seamless transition between multiple waterfalls unfeasible.

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