The Innofalls visual includes several chart types to choose from and we intend to constantly expand this selection. You can select those chart types from the property pane or in the menu:

First and foremost we offer different types of waterfall charts as the main chart:

Running Totals Waterfall Chart

This adds up multiple values and can show intermediates either as sub sums or intermediate totals.

Delta Waterfall Chart

Comparing two (or more) elements (or members) with each other in how they change over a dimension.

Measure Delta Waterfall Chart

In contrast to the chart above, this chart compares two measures and shows how they differ along one dimension.

Furthermore we offer:

Bar Chart

Show one or more series of measures.

Stacked Bar Chart

Stack up measures and / or the stack dimension.

All charts can be shown in structure orientation or time orientation (vertical axis or horizontal axis). Additionally, all charts (except bar chart) can stack up with more than one measures or a stack dimension.

Have a look at the deviation charts, to see how to create them.

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