Special Value Treatment

Especially when you are creating income statements and alike, you sometimes need to treat certain members in different ways. You might want to invert costs that are booked as positive values, or skip values in your calculation. For this you can treat individual members differently.

While in edit mode you can click a category label, to see further options for this category / member:

There are three check boxes to change the treatment of this member:

Increase is good

(Checked by default) If you deselect this, deviations for this category will be shown red if increasing and green if decreasing. You might use this for costs to indicate, that an increase in costs has a negative business impact.

Invert value

(Unchecked by default) Checking this will invert all values belonging to this member, even in neighboring nodes. Also all children will be inverted too, to preserve a valid breakdown of the chart. Be aware, that this might imply major breakdown changes in the waterfall display.

You might use this, when you have costs as positive values in your data and you need to invert this for a valid breakdown.


(Unchecked by default) This will make the waterfall chart ignore this value in the breakdown calculation.

Overview Window

Next to each check box there is a link named View all changed. Clicking this opens a window with an overview over all specially treated members. You can remove them from here.

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